"Larios Vine Ring"  is a elegant and romantic adjustable 925 sterling silver ring. 


Using gin bottle glass from the Spanish Larios12 Mediterranea premium gin bottle which is the most beautiful deep clear azure blue.  


The clear deep blue glass colour will alter lighter or darker depending on the surrounding light.


Experience the fun of telling admirers what your jewellery is made from. 



This ring has a good size range and will fit most finger sizes. 

Approx minimum size would be a Size 6 or 16.5mm, L   up to a Maximum of 10.5 or 20.5mm  V. 


Simple to fit with a gentle but firm squeeze both from the sides and top/bottom of ring while on your finger to seek a comfortable fit.  This should only need to be done once or twice. 


"Larios Vine Ring" by ginbottlejewels