This delightful "Moonlight Tanquers Tryst" ring is made using glass from the Tanqueray's London Dry green gin bottle.  Set in a 925 sterling silver adjustable slim band which accentuates the fine finished appearance.   The green Tanquers glass feature sits in a silver band encircling the entire centre.  The green Tanqueray's glass setting measures approx 13mm diameter and approx 8mm high.


Enjoy your Moonlight Tanquers Tryst wearing this delightful piece that can be adjusted to fit most finger sizes. 


Simple to fit with a gentle but firm squeeze both from the sides, and top/bottom while on your finger to seek a comfortable fit.  This should only need to be done a couple of times. 


Size range from:  6 - 16.5mm

                            to:  12 - 21mm



"Moonlight Tanquers Tryst" ring