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"Hendricks Blackberry Gin Earrings" are 99% fine silver elegant gin bottle earrings. 

99% pure silver earrings feature an artistic curve and given a sea-glass effect which enhances the blackberry hue. 

Pure silver is hypoallergenic so are worth considering for those with sensitive skin. 

Fine pure silver is softer and more malleable than sterling silver and we advise to handle gently.  In saying that they are enduring and perfect for all the seasons summer, autumn, winter and spring. 

Secure and easy to wear, a slim line and beautiful with a blackberry colour that turns to a sultry deep deep blackberry hue in darker environments. 

Measuring approx 47mm overall in length. 


Every item is gift wrapped and couriered to your door or directly to your chosen recipient.  If you would like a handwritten gift note you can include details with your order. 


"Hendricks Blackberry Gin Earrings" Fine Silver

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